What Are You Magnifying?

Magnification is the process of enlarging the appearance, but not the physical size of something. In other words, magnification enlarges beyond the truth, giving false or misleading information, which changes our perspective. For example, everyone knows that a magnifying glass makes things appear larger than they are in reality. Subsequently, when we magnify an object […]

3 Directions of Beautiful Love

When a new year starts, people spend a lot of time dwelling on things they want to improve about themselves. However, a new year should not be what motivate us to grow and develop. This year, I would like to encourage you to examine an uncomplicated fact that makes a profound difference: God created you […]

The Greatest Gift You Can Receive

There is nothing like the joyful chaos of Christmas morning. Little boys and girls quickly rip the wrapping paper off the boxes to discover they got precisely what they craved. However, the authentic enjoyment comes from examining and using the things they have been given. Think about it, how strange it would be if a […]

The Expectation of Hope: A Guide for the Grieving

By Ebonee Rice

Happy Holidays, all! The Holy Spirit led me to write about grief from the perspective of Jesus in John chapter 11. Usually, this sort of conversation is directed toward the grieving. I am writing to those surrounding the grieving. Jesus did some significant things while comforting Mary and Martha after their brother, Lazarus, had died. […]

3 Ways To Recognize When You Become A Thankful Person

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday! I get to enjoy family, football, and most importantly FOOD (especially my famous sweet potato pie, yum)! Nevertheless, would you consider yourself a thankful individual? With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, this is a great time to think about that question. After all, we are called to follow the life and teachings of […]

7 Biblical Affirmations to Decree Over Your Life

Who Are You? Let me ask you a better question, who or what are you allowing to determine your identity? Truth be told, we all have an identity. Many of our identities center on our success, our heritage, our ministries, our gifting or talent, our jobs, our children, our past, and our marital status. We […]

Use the Nice Dishes

By Ebonee Rice

This week my mother celebrated a birthday. These days our relationship is my favorite heart space. The older I get, the deeper our conversations become. Nothing is off limits. I recently asked her what’s the most difficult thing she’s ever overcome. “Death on both ends – my mother, and my son.” Just last week we […]